2012 Michigan Coffee Conference

The 2012 Michigan Coffee Conference was held at the University of Michigan's North Campus Pierpont Commons in Ann Arbor. The event took place May 10th - 11th.

Thursday - May 10th 12:30 - 4:40
Non-stop presentations on Marketing, Trends in Specialty Beverages, Roasters Roundtable, the Fair Trade movement, Tea, and Coffee Cupping Protocols

Friday - May 11th Full Day of Workshops
Beginning and advanced cuppings; Hands-on espresso preparations; Drip brewing, both automatic and hand-poured; Latte Art.

Earn your CP190 BGA Level 1 certification on Friday. Click here for more information.

Thursday 7-9pm
The Motown Throwdown is the Michigan Coffee Conference's Signature Drink Competition and it will be in the East Room at Pierpont Commons. At least one DaVinci Gourmet syrup must be used in the signature drink.

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