Motown Throwdown

The Motown Throwdown is a Latte Competition.

At least one DaVinci Gourmet Syrup must be used in each signature drink. The Classic and All Natural DaVinci lines will be provided. In addition; milk, whipped cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate powder, and caramel will be available. Contestants are permitted to bring any ingredients needed for their signature drink.

Below are the guidelines for the Motown Throwdown:

14.4.1 Well explained, introduced and prepared
The competitor must explain his or her signature drink to the judges. In order to achieve a high score, the explanation should
include factual points such as the ingredients, preparation method and the flavours and/or aromas the judges will experience. The
description should include the coffee used and the purposeful connection between the coffee and the other ingredients. The
competitor should explain if the drink is intended to be served hot, warm, cold or some combination of these temperatures.
Sensory judges will listen to the explanation of ingredients, preparation method, and use of coffee given by the competitor and
take notes. When determining this score, judges will consider whether or not there is a strong correlation between what was
described and the idea of what was prepared for the signature beverage.
The competitor must explain to the sensory judges how to drink the beverage (smell, stir, sip, etc.). The sensory judges will listen
and follow drinking instructions to the best of his/her ability. If no information or instructions are given, judges will simply attempt
to drink the signature beverage and evaluate. In every case, judges should take a minimum of two sips of the signature beverage.
Judges will evaluate the signature beverage based competitors’ provided explanations or other observations during the 15 minute
presentation only. Any explanation given by the competitor after the completion of the presentation time (clock is stopped and/or
the competitor calls “time”) will not be considered by the judges.

14.4.2 Look and functionality
“Look” is the evaluation of the visual appearance of the signature beverage, including but not limited to the vessel, the beverage
itself, garnishes, accessories, etc.
“Functionality” is defined by how the signature beverage and related elements work well with the act of consuming the drink, and
to the barista’s instructions on how to drink it.

14.4.3 Creativity and synergy with coffee
Judges will evaluate competitors’ creativity based on the uniqueness of his or her concept, and any new methods, techniques or
ingredients used in the preparation or presentation of the signature beverage. Ingredients must complement and showcase the
espresso while creating an interesting taste experience. Signature beverages with a complimentary blend of creative ingredients,
technique and dominant espresso flavour will be rewarded with a high score.
Note: “Synergy” is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than
the sum of their separate effects

14.4.4 Taste balance
Judges look for a correlation between the ingredients used in the signature drink, the competitor’s explanation on what to expect
in the taste experience, and the actual sensory experience of the drink. The espresso taste should be dominant and easy to
identify in order to get high marks in this category. Judges must follow all reasonable drinking instructions provided by the

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